Saturday, January 09, 2016

Mużika Mod Ieħor ma' Toni Sant - 434

Toni Sant presents the 434th in a series of podcasts featuring music by performers in or from Malta. Artists featured in this podcast:

This podcast includes the results from the 2015 MMI Listeners’ Picks Poll:

  • Top Single (TIE):
    The New Victorians - Seeker Seeker + The Velts - Foreigner

  • Top Online Release:
    The Busker - Percussion Song

  • Top Video:
    Jasmar Cassar - Just Be

  • Top Overseas-based Release:
    Alex Alden - Lady Bird

  • Top EP:
    WaterWings - Flesh, Bones & Spirits

  • Top Album:
    Kafena - Lukanda Propaganda

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    Many thanks to Enriqué Tabone from for once again designing the MMI Listeners' Picks Poll.

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